Actions taken during COVID-19

We share with you the actions we are taking to ensure that all our processes are safe and easy for you. You and our workers are our priority.


Our home delivery will be free until the reopening of our stores since you do not have the possibility of store delivery.


All purchases made after November 9, 2020 have a return period of 60 days.


We, in our internal management, and all our transport companies have adapted all the processes to guarantee a safe delivery.

Do you want to know more about our security measures in the process?

For your peace of mind and for everyone's safety, we have followed the instructions of the relevant authorities from the outset with both our workers and our transporters:

  1. A small number of people are in the warehouse exclusively preparing online orders and we work with a minimum of 2 meters separation.
  2. All our workers, without exception, wear a mask, gloves and wash their hands constantly.
  3. Every workspace is regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  4. The courier does not enter our warehouse, we take the goods out on a trolley so that the courier can load the goods. The collection is not signed for, only the name of the person making the delivery is requested.
  5. At the time of delivery, our couriers do not enter any building. Either by intercom or telephone the customer is notified of the delivery for pickup. The carrier leaves the package on the ground and asks for the name and ID but they do not sign on the courier's mobile terminal.