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Organic cotton underwear for girls with delicate skin

All of us mums and dads want to give our children the best and take care of them as they deserve, but we also must take good care of their skin. Our new line of organic cotton underwear for girls will be a must-have in her wardrobe.

Forget about pyjamas and underwear that cause redness, pimples or skin allergies that bother your little one so much. Take the plunge and try organic cotton underwear from our Bob&Oli brand: your girl will have such healthy and perfect skin that she won't want to wear anything else.

Because at the end of the day, girls’ underwear is in close contact with the most delicate parts of her body and, therefore, it needs to be of the highest quality.

Girls’ organic cotton underwear that takes care of her skin and the planet

You will surely fall in love with organic cotton underwear for girls from Boboli. Whether your girl has very delicate skin or you even if you don't have to deal with problems related to soaps or clothes causing allergies.

At Boboli we make organic cotton pyjamas for girls and top-quality underwear that help us take care of your little girl's skin and at the same time reduce the footprint we leave behind.

Organic cotton comes from sustainable and certified crops, free of pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or genetically modified seeds. In its cultivation, a rotation system is followed that conserves the soil and the ecosystem. It is harvested by hand, avoiding spraying the plantation with chemical herbicides and preserving the maximum quality of its fibres. In addition, our organic cotton girls' underwear is completely free of chemical bleaches.

The result? Our organic cotton pyjamas, vests and knickers for girls from the new Bob&Oli line respects her skin, are softer and more durable and are more sustainable for the planet.

Guaranteed: whoever tries girls' organic cotton underwear will no longer want to go back to conventional cotton.

Organic cotton underwear for girls certified with the OEKO-TEX seal

Don’t just take our word for it. All our organic cotton underwear for girls has the highest international certification and the world's leading eco-label for textile products. All our Bob&Oli organic cotton pyjamas and underwear have the OEKO-TEX seal, which verifies that there are no toxic substances in the textiles or in any of the manufacturing phases.

With Bob & Oli's underwear, your little girl will enjoy organic cotton knickers, tops and vests for girls that really respect her skin. Because underwear is in direct contact with your girl's skin: take care of her the way she deserves with our new line of organic cotton underwear from Bob&Oli.

The many benefits of girls' organic cotton underwear

Do you still need more reasons to convince yourself that Bob&Oli girls' organic cotton underwear is the best for her? Ok: we can continue listing many of its benefits.

For example, with the organic cotton knickers and tops for girls from the new Boboli line, you will avoid exposing your little girl's skin to toxic substances and, therefore, she will enjoy healthier skin that is free of allergic reactions.

In addition, you will contribute to the conservation of the environment and avoid clothes that come from crops that degrade the soil and pollute the water. Our planet is the only one we have: with our line of organic cotton pyjamas and underwear for girls you can take care of the most important thing that we are going to leave them.

Sign up now for our line of organic cotton underwear for girls and take care of your little girl as she really deserves.