Boboli quality

At Boboli we work constantly to guarantee

the quality of our products...

Clothes resistant to all kinds of adventures

to the croquette
to the tumble
and a la chicheta


Because the well-being of children is our priority, our garments meet the highest safety standards in accordance with the European regulation, the REACH regulation.

In addition, Boboli is certified by the OEKO-TEX label to ensure that our products comply with the highest safety standards and are free of substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

We are also committed to BSCI Amfori certification, which guarantees proper working conditions for all our workers and suppliers.


Durability and resistance

Kids are born to be wild and we take this into account when choosing our materials and creating our garments so that they are resistant to all their jumps and tumbles. Because having quality products contributes to sustainability. We know that our garments are passed down from siblings, to cousins and even from generation to generation.

Ready, set, go!



No more "Itchy", "Scratchy" and "Itchy"! At Boboli we achieve maximum comfort and softness in our garments to protect children's skin thanks to our quality materials and the most careful tailoring.


Creativity and innovation

We make our garments with love and attention to detail to create collections with personality, processes in which creativity, teamwork, innovation and talent are very important.


Discover and Respect

We believe in discovering the world with respect and responsibility, which is why every year we strive to reduce our impact with increasingly sustainable practices. Because there is only one planet and it's the one we leave our children.