Who we are

At Boboli we are transparent, real, fun, innocent, curious, nonconformist, eager to learn, we are like children!


We were born with a clear mission, to create clothes designed for children for their comfort, color, quality and durability.

We want children to be children and we want to generate in them a critical spirit, giving them reasons to explore, investigate and experiment. We have been dressing little discoverers since 1981.

Committed to children, we want our brand to be a loudspeaker for educational messages and information of a social and pedagogical nature.

Our pillars

Fashion and heritage

Our own style since our beginnings, renewing it without losing the essence of what we are.


Committed to the sustainable development of the brand, we are aware of our environmental and social commitment, acting accordingly to reduce the impact of our activity. Respect for each of us and our environment.

Color and fun

Color conveys our vitality, energy and joy. Our collections are fun and full of personality.

Quality and comfort

Our fashion is functional. Our designs adapt to children's lifestyles. Soft, resistant and durable fabrics, resistant to a thousand adventures.