boboli Sustainability

We feel we have a responsibility to the world which we will bequeath to our children. We believe that we can learn from them and bring back the simple things. Through respect. Respect for every one of us, and for our environment.

We champion the life cycle of clothing/h3>

At boboli, we are achieving a more responsible and sustainable way of consuming, thanks to the quality of our clothing, which is resistant to all the handstands, cartwheels and jumps performed by our fearless little ones..

This is why it is passed down from generation to generation: brothers, cousins and friends inheriting really cool clothing, in good condition.


Our shops work with Roba Amiga to give a second chance to the clothing you no longer use, and give it a new lease of life

Did you know….?

We believe in quality materials

Our very short-term objective is for all our clothing to be made using sustainable processes or materials, such as organic cotton, or fabrics made from recycled bottles

boboli is a certified OEKO-TEX and BSCI brand. And the thing is…we like things to be well made, which is why we guarantee the quality of the manufacturing processes behind our clothing.
There’s only one planet… So let’s take care of it!

We commit to people

At Boboli, we respect and fulfil the rights of workers involved at every stage of the production chain. We also have a code of ethics which regulates all our practices and which our workers and suppliers, as well as our partners, commit to.

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¿What can you do?


Buy high-quality.

Have no doubt about it, the clothing that withstands millions of cartwheels and lasts ages, is clothing of the highest quality


Educate your children

on the values of sustainability and respect for themselves, as well as for their surroundings. And…don’t ever stop learning from them.


Take good care of your clothes

Air-dry them, using the dryer as little as possible, and run short, cool washes


DIY alternatives.

In boboliland, discover a thousand ways of decorating your home, making toys, being creative and having a wonderful time, all with our DIY tips.

Together, we are boboli.