Purchases and payment

Before beginning your first purchase, you can familiarise yourself with the different phases of the process, from when you enter the website to make an order until you confirm it. If you have any doubts while you are making a purchase you may also come to this section to answer them. 

Steps to buy

Step 1: Select products

  • 1. Select the item you want to buy by clicking   "Add to Cart".
  • 2. When you have selected all the items you want to purchase, click on   "Complete Purchase"  and check that you have selected all the items. At any time you may add or remove products from your basket.
  • 3. If the content in the basket is correct, click on  "Next".

Step 2: Identify yourself

  • 1. If you still have not registered: fill out all the fields of the form with your personal details and postal address.
  • 2. If you have already registered: identify yourself as a client of our shop by entering your email and password. If you have identified yourself before starting the purchasing process, you will not have to go through this step.

Step 3: Shipping

  • 1. Indicate the address where you would like to receive your order.
  • 2. In any case you can indicate that the order is for a gift, and you can ask us to wrap it as a gift, include the gift voucher or even add a dedication.

Step 4: Bank details and confirmation

  • 1. Check that your postal address is correct and enter the details of your VISA card or MASTERCARD, Paypal, Klarna, Amazon pay o Gift Card.
  • 2. Remember that all your payments are made under the maximum standards of security.
  • 3. Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email confirming your order.

Additionally, in  "My Account",  you can view all your orders.
You can also consult and print your invoices.

Method of payment

At the moment, the method of payment available:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Paypal.
  • Gift Card.
  • Klarna
  • Amazon Pay


Change my order

It is NOT possible changes to an order once completed.
It is NOT possible to add articles to an already finalised order, due to the fact that the payment must be carried out via our platform.
For any inconvenience, you can send your query via email to  info@boboli.es  indicating the details of your order to our Customer Service. As soon as possible, we will contact you with the resolution.

Changing the delivery address

It is possible to change the delivery address during  the first 24 hours after receiving the order confirmation.  To do so, please contact our customer service department at   info@boboli.es  and send us the following details.

  • 1. Order number.
  • 2. New delivery address.
  • 3. Preferred time (morning or afternoon)

Where it is not possible to complete the change of address, we will contact you and the order will be delivered to the originally specified address.

Cancel my order

For operational reasons, &nbspBoboli does not accept the cancellation of orders.  If, despite this, you wish to cancel an order, you should carry out the item's return.

See how toreturnan item.

My order has not arrived and the delivery period has passed

If after 3-6 working days from the date of purchase your order has not arrived, please contact our customer service department at  info@boboli.es  and we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the status of your order.