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Children's sportswear with a touch of style

Are you tired of looking for children's sportswear? The Athleisure collection has arrived at Boboli: the perfect cross between streetwear and gymwear. Sportswear in which your boy or girl can go to the gym to play sports with style or go out and about, in a more casual look.

A totally timeless collection of children's sportswear for boys and girls aged 4 to 16 years old that your little one can wear at any time of the year. Tops and T-shirts that combine with any item of clothing and leggings or sweatpants that will combine with a boy's sweatshirt on cooler days.

Children's sportswear that is brimming with personality and that will withstand all the adventures your little one wants to go on. Completely play-proof against, tumbles, handstands, and everything else that comes to mind in that crazy little head.

Colourful sportswear

Athleisure is a line of sportswear with a special touch, perfect for playing sports or going for a walk.

Colour is a symbol of joy, energy and vitality. At Boboli we make sportswear for children in vibrant colours that symbolise everything that boys and girls are. The Athleisure collection is fun and 100% reflects Boboli’s DNA. Floral prints, in a symphony of colours combined with fuchsias, greens and navy blue.

Girls and boys like to create their own rules, build fortresses in the classroom, invent languages, dress up as dinosaurs... They love to spend all day doing a thousand and one crazy things and having endless adventures.

Nothing better to accompany your frenetic pace of life than Boboli’s children's sportswear. Sportswear with which your little one can express their personality.

Sportswear for boys and girls who want to be comfortable

Nothing is as comfortable as sportswear.

Does your daughter prefer not to wear girls’ dresses? Is it an ordeal to get your son to wear elegant trousers and a boy's shirt? Make no mistake about it: they will love you (even more) if you give them Boboli children's sportswear.

Sportswear that can be combined with children's daily clothing, such as trousers or a jacket, and achieve a perfect casual touch for day to day use.

Dressed for comfort and with personality, ideal for going out and conquering the world.