Nature's Tempo

Look closely and you will see that nature is not in a hurry. Everything moves at its own pace. It flows as if it were enjoying the journey.

So, in the age of immediacy, we have created a series that follows the natural rhythm of our planet.

Episodes that take their time.

that go slow rather than fast. Open rather than scripted.

Because good things in life happen at their own pace.

Discover and change the world with boboli.

9 episodes

Episode 1

We kick off with our first episode of our Nature’s Tempo series. And we're not fooling you, absolutely NOTHING is going to happen, but EVERYTHING at the same time.

Close your eyes for a moment, listen to the sound of the water, transport yourself. Do you feel the cold water on your feet?

El pez Luis


Fishing is about being patient. Getting ready, sitting quietly, and listening to how the water flows.

That's when the wait becomes the best part of all. Don’t you think?

Episode 2

Stop for a second, close your eyes, and hit play. Listen to the children running, can you hear the laughter? Nothing more is going to happen in this video. Because the small and simple things are the best, don't you think?



That's when the wait becomes the best part of all. Don’t you think?

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