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Sweatshirts for baby girls for days of adventure

The first years of life are quite an adventure. Everyday, your girl explores, plays and lives thousands of experiences from which she will learn to be the little person she will grow to be. And she needs comfortable clothing to do it in, like baby girls' sweatshirts for days out on the town.

Lined baby girl sweatshirts to face the cold of winter or thinner, ideal to wear over her baby girl dress when it cools down in summer. Sweatshirts with vibrant colours and designs with a lot of personality, pure Boboli style.

Do you want to see all the different styles we have? They will steal your heart.

Baby girl sweatshirts that take care of her skin

For more than 35 years that we have been making clothes for baby girls at Boboli, we have had one priority in mind: taking care of babies skin. Today we can guarantee that we have developed the softest and safest materials so that our garments do not cause itching, chafing or unnecessary allergies.

Baby girls’ sweatshirts are super soft. So much so that your daughter will feel as if she was wearing pyjamas. At Boboli we achieve maximum comfort and softness thanks to our quality materials and careful preparation.

European regulations guarantee the quality of our children's clothing: our garments meet the highest safety standards. In addition, all our clothing is certified by the OEKO-TEK seal, which guarantees that there is no trace of substances that are harmful to your health and the environment.

Baby girl sweatshirts that go with anything

Boboli baby girl sweatshirts are super easy to combine with any skirt, trousers or joggers. For mid-season, you can wear it under a waterproof or denim baby girls’ jacket like the ones you'll find in our store.

Colourful with fun and original prints, baby girls’ sweatshirts are brimming with personality. Look for baby girls’ accessories that match the sweatshirt that you like the most and you will put together a beautiful outfit with which to go for a walk with your baby.

A piece of advice? Always carry a baby girls’ sweatshirt in the backpack where you carry her things. This way you can put it on her over her baby girls’ top or T-shirt if it gets chilly.