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Sweatshirts for girls with original designs

Your daughter is already at an age where she notices the colours and designs of the clothes that she wears. From the age of 4, girls start to discover who they are and want to reaffirm their identity.

At Boboli we take into account the sense of self that children have at each age and make girls' clothes that take their preferences into account. Boboli girls' sweatshirts have very original designs that your daughter will love.

In addition, they are so comfortable and soft that she will feel like she’s been wearing pyjamas all day.

Sweatshirts are a must have in your girl's wardrobe

Fun and colourful designs for clothing that will become the must-haves of the season. Whether it's hot or cold, girls' sweatshirts will always be among her favourites in her wardrobe.

In summer, jackets for girls and sweatshirts will be the best option to keep warm on those days when she is playing late in the park or at a friend's house and it starts to cool down. Go for girls' sweatshirts made of fine and light fabrics, or sweatshirts with a zipper that she can open and close.

In autumn and winter, sweatshirts will be great to wear over a nice girls’ T-shirt or a top or shirt for girls, depending on the occasion. Your daughter never stops and it will be convenient if she wears more than one layer so that she can take it off when she’s being more active, and avoid getting sweaty and then she can put it back on to keep warm when she’s stopped running around. Sweatshirts for girls are perfect for that.

Girls' sweatshirts that withstand all their adventures

Skipping, rolling down hills, climbing rocks, running as if they're training for a marathon... Girls do not stop and every day is full of adventures.

Our girls' sweatshirts are made with quality materials that withstand all the movement of your little explorer. Girls are born to learn, play and explore and we take this into account when choosing our materials and creating clothes that are durable enough to stand up to all the tumbles, handstands and cartwheels that your daughter wants to do.

All of our trousers, jackets, jumpers, sweatshirts, coats, pyjamas, skirts and dresses for girls are built to withstand all her adventures, ready to be passed down from generation to generation. Because having quality products contributes to sustainability, and this is our way of leaving a better world for the little ones.

Sweatshirts for girls designed to ensure maximum comfort and give you total freedom of movement. Built to last.