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Sweaters for boys with a lot of rock and roll

There comes a time when your child starts to be more selective about the clothes he wears. He likes vibrant colours and original designs that he identifies with.

The sweaters for boys at Boboli are: colourful, with fun designs and daring prints that are brimming with personality.

From the age of 4, children enter a stage in which they need to define themselves and shout from the rooftops who they are. At Boboli we know that one way to express oneself is through clothing and we make childrens’ clothing which reflects who they are on the inside.

Let him be who he is and together choose the clothes that he identifies with. He will love it..

Sweaters for children: a must have for winter

Autumn arrives and with it shorter and colder days. It's time to renew his autumn-winter wardrobe. An essential for this cold season are Boboli boys’ sweaters.

In our online store you will find soft and warm boys’ sweatshirts and jumpers of all types, colours, materials and prints. Your child will be super comfortable in them. So much so that he will feel like he’s wearing pyjamas all day.

Sweaters for the whole year

In summer, boys’ sweaters also have their uses. Jackets for boys or fine knit sweaters will be your saving grace on those days when you are running late and the coolness of the evening has caught you unawares.

In addition, sweaters are so versatile that they can be worn both for an afternoon in the park or for a special occasion. In our online store you will find styles ranging from casual to smarter sweaters for boys, which can dress up a shirt.

For a more casual look, let him choose the trousers he likes best and a matching T-shirt under a sweatshirt. All Boboli boys' T-shirts are made with 100% breathable cotton.

Sweaters that withstand all the adventures of boys

Boys don't stop. Every day is a day for them to learn, play and live thousands of exciting adventures. And his clothes must be up to the job.

That's why at Boboli we make quality clothing tough enough to handle all that boys can throw at them. With our boys’ sweaters your son can spend the day jumping in puddles, climbing trees, rolling down hills and at least you won’t have to worry about his clothes.