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A Collection of T-shirts that are Full of Activism.

Are you also concerned about nature? Be nature’s hero with these t-shirts!!

We all have an activist within, so do your children

These long sleeved t-shirts for boys and girls are great for stylishly publicising species that are currently at risk, because we cannot imagine a world without them!

Did you know that the bee, the chameleon, the emerald hummingbird, the panda bear, the Sumatra tiger, the polar bear, the red tuna, as well as the snow leopard are some of the endangered species? We want them with us, which is why they are the protagonists of these t-shirts!

T-shirts that make an appeal, to start creating awareness in your children

It is never too soon to become aware and start changing the world. And what if everything were to commence with a t-shirt? Because your boys and girls can be the perfect ambassadors for this cause and still be fashionable.

These t-shirts are ideal for playing non-stop anywhere, and at the same time they tell us that caring for nature is in our hands and that it requires everybody’s help. Making something visible is another way of participating in this cause!

A collection of children’s long-sleeved T-shirts, from 4 to 16 years. They combine perfectly with the remaining garments of this Autumn-Winter 2022 season, with plush, denim, corduroy and even our basic trousers. They are also ideal for wearing with dresses and pinafores, or with one of the many printed skirts you can find in Boboli this season.

And if it gets cold... you can combine them with different models of jackets and parkas! There’s no excuse not to start creating awareness and help nature by being its hero.

It’s time to help nature!

Buying these t-shirts is getting it right always: this is no simple t-shirt; it is a t-shirt that creates awareness among little ones and most certainly among older children too. Besides, they combine with the entire Autumn-Winter collection. They’ve got everything!