Success is the sum total of little actions

What is boboli suma?

In keeping with our identity and commitment to childhood and after a successful 3rd edition, we are opening the 4th Edition of the boboli suma Award. Its aim is to support all those entities that work day after day to ensure that children have the resources they need to develop into great human beings.

We are collaborating in projects that make the world a better place because we want to join in your commitment.

Joining in Universal Children’s Day 2019

Universal Children’s Day on the 20th November 2019 has been earmarked for publicizing the award winners of the 4th Edition of the boboli Suma Award, thereby providing recognition and support to three projects in Spain that promote the Right to healthcare and inclusive leisure, the latter being set forth in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in defence of the basic needs of childhood. Help the smallest become the greatest! Participating entities need to be registered in Spain. However, we are working to open this Award to all countries of the world in which we are present