Your small universe

Building a fort, a tree house, a teepee, a shelter… who hasn't played at building their own world as a child? We have been doing it for centuries and for a reason: to explore our own world.

Let’s get to work!

Building a fort is always a good idea, regardless of where it is. A few sheets, blankets, or cloths are all they need. Kids can build a fort out of a sofa at home or in nature, when camping. There is only one rule: use your imagination, since this is a free and very personal game.

While we make our shelter, we are helping to develop practical and social skills because cooperation is very important.

Enjoying your shelter

When we are done building our fort, it's time to live in it. In this small universe, children can unleash their creativity. Everything is allowed: singing, making up stories, going out to explore the surroundings, resting… This is how they build their independence and create a safe place for their games and ideas.