The Power of Memories

Did you know that happy memories can boost positive emotions and create a sense of connection in our relationships? Whether it's a letter from your best friend, your first toy, a significant milestone, or a special photograph with your family... memories come in all shapes and sizes! What's your favorite memory?

A Time Capsule

Many years ago, the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt began burying and preserving their memories in boxes for various reasons. Throughout the 20th century, memory capsules gained popularity and were often given as gifts to loved ones. Who would you give one to?

Create Your Own Memory Box

What better way to keep your favorite moments than by creating your own memory box? With just three steps, it's an easy and fun activity! The first step is to choose a box and decorate it with stickers, drawings, or photographs. The second step is to fill it with all the memories you want to keep close to your heart. Once you're done, store the box in a safe place where you can find it whenever you want.