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A collection of sportswear for seriously cool boys

Your child spends hours and hours playing, running, jumping, climbing,... In short, doing children's things. But from time to time you like to see him well dressed, in a smart boy's shirt that makes him look so handsome. But let's be honest: the most comfortable thing for him is sportswear for boys.

The Boboli Athleisure collection of sportswear for children which can be worn for after-school sports or to go for a walk, dressed casually, comfortably and suitably for all his shenanigans and adventures.

Athleisure clothing is comfortable, casual clothing designed for exercise, but also for everyday wear. It goes perfectly with the more casual pieces in our Boboli boys’ clothing collection and will give your child total freedom to do all the jumps, handstands and cartwheels they want to do.

Durable, good quality sportswear

At Boboli we constantly work to create quality children's clothing. After more than 35 years, we can say that our products are so long-lasting that they can even be passed down from generation to generation.

Boboli children's sportswear meets the most demanding safety standards in accordance with European regulations. All our children's sportswear is certified by the OEKO-TEK seal, which guarantees that they are garments of the highest quality and totally free of substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

Sportswear for stylish boys

With Boboli children's sportswear, your little one will be dressed ready for sport but with undeniable style. Comfortable sportswear but with a casual touch that can be worn with any of our streetwear items from our children's clothing collection.

A collection of sportswear for boys with an up-to-the-minute style, vibrant colours, touches of neon and daring combinations of blues, greens, oranges and violets. You can combine the Athleisure sweatpants with one of our jumpers or sweatshirts for boys and it will be a perfect outfit for an afternoon walk or play in the park.

Our windbreaker with a kangaroo pocket will go great with our trousers and shorts for boys. Your son will have a comfortable and quality outfit that will withstand all his adventures.

Forget the typical image of a boring tracksuit that gets pills after the second wear. With style, colour and prints with personality our collection of children's sportswear will not leave you wanting for more.