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Soft and comfortable newborn girls’ rompers

The skin of newborn babies is very delicate and plays an essential role as the first barrier of defence that your baby has at birth. You can imagine how important it is to dress her in quality newborn girl rompers that meet her needs.

Boboli's newborn baby girls’ rompers are made adhering to strict quality controls. Our priority is to care for and pamper your baby's skin during its first year, and with more than 35 years of experience making newborn girls’ clothes, we know how to do it.

Quality baby clothes are a hallmark of our brand. We ensure the well-being and safety of your baby by paying attention to every detail of our rompers for newborn girls so that they meet the most demanding standards of European regulations. All of them are certified with the OEKO-TEK seal, which ensures that there is no trace of any substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

Like that you and your baby can rest easy.

Maximum freedom of movement with our rompers for newborn girls

Our rompers for newborn girls are loose and comfortable allowing your baby to make all the necessary movements to develop properly.

Because during her first months of life, your little girl needs to roll, crawl, stand up, start walking and run... with total freedom and without uncomfortable clothing that hinders her movements. Dressing your girl in a newborn baby bodysuit and a romper for newborns is a win that she would surely appreciate if she knew how to speak.

During the colder months, you can add accessories for newborn girls to her long-sleeved bodysuit and romper set, such as a hat, mittens, or a scarf that, together with her coat, will keep her cosy warm.

Rompers for newborn girls suitable for any occasion

Rompers for newborn girls are a super versatile piece of clothing that your baby can wear on any occasion thanks to our colourful and cheerful Boboli designs.

We believe that colour represents the vitality, energy, and joy of all boys and girls, which is why our designs are full of colours that exude personality. Your little one will love them and you will be able to dress them in a romper for newborns whether at home or for a day out.

Practical rompers for babies designed to make your life easier

When we make our clothes we have one aim: to make your life with your baby easier. We design clothes for newborns with practicality in mind so that your day-to-day goes smoothly.

Boboli rompers are made from natural fibres such as cotton so that your baby doesn't cry because their clothes have irritated their skin.

In addition, our baby rompers are fastened with snaps to make nappy changes much easier. And since we think of everything, our rompers for newborn baby girls have different openings strategically placed so that you can put them on and take them off quickly and easily. Something that you will appreciate especially when there are nappy leaks.

Undoubtedly, newborn girls’ rompers are an essential item of clothing for your baby.