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Eye-catching dresses for newborns

When a newborn baby arrives, they have a hypnotic effect on us. We cannot stop looking at them and observing every little movement that they make, which is then followed by an “awwww!”.

And even more so if your baby is wearing a newborn dress with a fun design like the ones that are the hallmark of our brand. Because let's be honest: when your baby is wearing a cute little dress you want to kiss those chubby little legs even more.


Newborn dresses that look after their skin

The skin of newborn babies needs a lot of care: it is their first natural barrier against all kinds of infections. That's why at Boboli we make newborn clothes of the best quality and with special attention to detail.

The newborn dresses that you can find in our online store are made with natural fibres such as 100% cotton. They all carry the OEKO-TEK seal that guarantees that they comply with the maximum safety standards in accordance with European regulations and that they are completely free of toxic substances and substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

At Boboli you will find that a newborn baby dress will accompany her during this beautiful and sweet stage, taking care of her skin. Fun, anti-allergenic and soft clothes made only with carefully selected materials suitable for the little ones.

Because we have been making children's clothing for more than 35 years, we know what your baby needs during their first months of life.

Dresses for newborn girls that do not stop exploring

During this stage, your baby makes spectacular progress. From the time they begin to hold their head on their own until they finally manage to walk and then run, they go through countless adventures and experiences.

Clothes should be an ally, and not an impediment, allowing your newborn girl to move freely.

This is what Boboli newborn dresses are: comfortable garments with which your baby can experience the adventure that is living without chafing or limitations.

Dresses for newborns, an ideal outfit for any occasion

Just like newborn girls’ rompers, dresses are the ideal piece of clothing for any occasion and season. Whether it's hot or cold, you will definitely find a dress for your newborn that you will fall in love with.

Short-sleeved, strappy, ruffles, and cool fabrics for summer days; long-sleeved and corduroy or other warm materials for winter days. Always made with fun prints and colourful designs that characterise our brand.

Combine it with a newborn girl accessory such as a bib, a scarf, or a hat that will protect her from the sun during the summer or keep her warm during the colder months. She will look cute enough to eat.

Our newborn dresses are made for non-stop playing and exploring.