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At Boboli we not only have children's clothing we also have children's accessories such as towels, shoes, hats, and socks to complement your boy’s outfits with everything you need. These accessories should not be missing from his wardrobe, since you never know when you will need them, it is better to have them on hand.

On our website, you will find accessories specially designed for children from 4 to 16 years old. All our accessories are made with materials that have passed strict quality controls so that they are totally safe for the health and well-being of your child. We care about him as much as you do.

Accessories for boys

In our collection, you will find children's accessories for everyday use, such as caps, perfect for protecting them from the sun during the hottest summer days. If you want to avoid burns they will protect your child at the beach, in the mountains, or on the street, they are definitely the ideal accessory to guarantee their comfort. Try combining them with boys’ T-shirts or boys’ shirts for a totally summery outfit that will be super cool!

Towels are handy to have to dry off after a swim, and with beach flip-flops, you will ensure that they do not burn their feet on the sand, especially in the hottest hours.

For rainy days, socks and wellington boots are your best friend to keep little feet dry, no more colds! Make sure he has an umbrella that matches his outfit to make him the most stylish kid in the class.

Boy's accessories

We are aware that you want the best for him and that he lacks for nothing: in our collection of accessories for boys find everything you need to complement his outfits and to prepare him to discover the world. We are sure that not only he will like them, but you will too.

Take a look at our boys’ clothing and discover a range of possibilities to dress your child.