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T-shirts for newborn girls that respect their skin

Newborn girls’ T-shirts are an essential basic in her wardrobe that you can combine with many other newborn clothes. Something important that you must take into account is that they must be of the highest quality.

Babies' skin is very delicate and we must take good care of it. Not surprisingly, it is her main barrier against infections now that she is outside the womb. And for this reason, the clothes that your newborn wears must comply with the strictest quality controls.

This is what you can find in Boboli’s collection of newborn baby T-shirts. All our clothing is certified with the OEKO-TEK seal, which guarantees that it complies with maximum safety standards and that there is no trace of toxins and substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

You can imagine how important it is to make sure that the T-shirt you put on your newborn baby is completely respectful of her skin. Her newborn clothes as well as newborn accessories should be of the highest quality.

Colourful T-shirts for newborn girls

You will love Boboli newborn girls’ T-shirt designs. Fun, colourful prints in which your little one will be the center of attention.

For us, colour is a symbol of vitality, energy, and joy. Just what your baby needs. Because that's what she is: a little girl who has arrived ready to take on the world. Our collection of T-shirts for newborn girls is full of the prints, embroideries, and daring combinations that characterise our brand.

Newborn girls’ T-shirts that she can wear all year round

One of the items of clothing that we use the most throughout the year is the T-shirt. With straps, short or long sleeves, with a thicker or lighter fabric, under a sweatshirt, or just worn with a diaper and nothing else. But one of the most practical is the kimono-style T-shirt, which makes changing baby so much easier.

T-shirts are one of those items of clothing that you can wear with anything and that you can wear at any time, and your little girl will be able to wear newborn baby girl T-shirts whether it is cold or hot.

T-shirts that keep your newborn girl warm

In winter your little girl will look adorable and very warm with a long-sleeved T-shirt for newborn baby girls and a warm newborn romper that allows her to move freely.

Put a short-sleeved or long-sleeved bodysuit underneath it, depending on the temperature and baby will be ready for a thousand and one adventures.

Newborn shirts that will be a wild card during the hot months

In summer, a short-sleeved baby T-shirt that protects her little arms from the sun under a newborn dress with straps will be a safe bet to keep your little girl comfortable and cool.

For the hottest hours, you can dress her in just a nappy and a short-sleeved shirt that keeps her tummy at a good temperature.

And for when it cools down at night and you go out for a walk or dinner, you can put a jacket on your newborn baby girl to keep her warm enough. Because you know that in summer the best time to be out and about is in the cool that comes with sunset.