A very conscious sport

Plogging is a practice that originated in Sweden a few years ago. It's about going out into the open air and picking up litter, especially plastic, while we run or walk. It is a perfect combination of health and ecology, and a highly recommended practice for the young ones to burn energy while learning to take care of the environment.

And you, how do you plogging?

Plogging doesn't have any rules, so you can practice wherever and however you want. The most recommended places are the countryside or the forests, as well as beaches. Unfortunately, both the mountains and the coast need our help to keep them clean.

Once we have decided on the place, we can explore it by walking, running, jumping, or even biking.

Collect and learn

Of course, to dispose of the litter that we pick up, we have to go well-equipped with bags. Thus, we can later take them to their appropriate recycling centre. We shouldn't forget to have a good time, so we can even think of ways to give waste a new life.